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News & Updates

Locators bullish on Santa Rosa Business Park potentials
Correspondent - May 6, 2009

Written by Rizal Raoul Reyes

LOCATORS at Santa Rosa Business Park (SRBP) are bullish on the potentials of the complex, primarily because of its ability to attract more locators in the future.

For instance, Technopark Hotel thinks locating at SRBP is timely because there is a need for such establishment.

“After Batangas City, we realized the opportunities for a business hotel. There is no ideal business hotel in Santa Rosa that caters to the industrial parks. So we found Greenfield as a very ideal location for this hotel,” said Karen Gelig, sales manager of Technopark Hotel.

“We decided to build our second hotel at the Santa Rosa Business Park because we realized the potential of the whole area—there is still a need for better lodging facilities and business meetings,” added Gelig.

For his part, Dr. Jose Juliano, president of the Southern Luzon Hospital and Medical Center (SLHMC), said the hospital aims to provide quality health care to the upper class or elite market, as well as patients from other neighboring towns of Laguna.

Juliano said establishing a presence in SRBP is timely because quality health care will also be an important element in the lifestyle of residents of the business complex.

 Retiring foreigners and balikbayan represent a good potential market for the hospital. “You can’t have a retirement plan without a health-care plan. And you can’t possibly retire in a place that does not have a respectable and reputable hospital,” said Juliano.

“Here you can heal faster, get well faster because the environment itself [boasts] of wide-open spaces that contribute to the overall health regeneration of the patient. We don’t want our patients confined in a tight space. They will never get well that way,” he added.

Gelig said one good quality of Greenfield is that it  is “not trying to squeeze everything out of the land by avoiding overpopulating the area with buildings”—contributing to the area’s charm as a rest-and-relaxation center.

 She said Technopark Hotel also offers an advantage to businessmen in traveling. Instead of going back to Manila, Gelig said, technicians and businessmen will save time if they just stay in the Paseo Premiere Hotel or Technopark Hotel, which is 15 minutes away from all the major industrial parks for the duration of their trip.

“It is not surprising that our guests come back and become regular customers after they have experienced staying at Technopark Hotel. ‘It’s better than what we expected’ is a common remark we get from satisfied guests.”

SLHMC, one of the pioneer locators in SRBP, commenced operations in 2006 and continues to expand its services through the addition of new medical equipment and technology and by establishing partnerships with several specialists from all over the country.

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