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News & Updates

Greenfield to revitalize EDSA-Shaw area with groundbreaking District project
April 6, 2010

The 15-hectare expanse of land being redeveloped into the masterplanned Greenfield District promises to be an oasis in the midst of a city with rapidly dwindling pockets of green. Launched late last year, Greenfield District serves as the flagship city renewal project of Greenfield Development Corporation, the company behind the rapid growth of Greenfield City in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Located in the heart of the metropolis and straddled by the major thoroughfares of EDSA and Shaw Boulevard, the District will soon be home to a vast network of mixed-use commercial and retail buildings, open spaces, and residential communities, a city within a city and a much-needed refuge amidst the gray concrete and densely built-up commercial and industrial zones of today’s current cityscape.

The Greenfield District is geared to remake this part of the metropolis into the first smart and connected city in the country. Built on twin foundations of technologically-advanced infrastructure and environmentally-aware planning, the Greenfield District aims to provide the cosmopolitan culture and convenience of modern living without the usual chaos and congestion. Integral to the concept is its generously planned site and circulation network. To minimize traffic in this heavily congested area, the District will have a generous 40% allocation for open spaces, which includes green areas, pocket parks, and roads and walkways. The entire site will be pedestrian-friendly with the help of its interconnected, above-ground walkways, and it will also be easier for vehicles to navigate with a secondary interconnected below-ground road network.

Following the project launch late last year, Greenfield broke ground at the building site, beginning a carefully planned and phased series of site-preparation operations. As early as now, traffic flow is being diverted and controlled within and around the property; new terminals have been identified near the perimeter, to encourage and support the envisioned pedestrian-friendly circulation network within the development. Seamlessly linked to the MRT, one of the city’s major backbones for public transport, the already-active Pavilion part of the retail clusters: Square, Hub, Marketplace, Station clearly shows how connected to the rest of the metro the District will be. The 24/7 retail complex, meant to service residents, workers, and shoppers from nearby areas, is already performing its function admirably, with a series of shops and restaurants open round the clock for the convenience of all.

In addition to the groundwork laid for its transport hub and retail components, preparations are also being made for the pilot project of the District - the Twin Oaks Place, a primarily residential condominium with three floors dedicated to commercial uses and two floors for amenities. A showcase of Greenfield’s future buildings and project quality standards, Twin Oaks Place will offer its residents true smart homes, with a complete fiber-optic system linking directly to each unit, thus allowing unprecedented levels of interconnectivity. To make way for the construction of the first tower, existing structures on the site have been cleared for demolition, and pre-construction activities are underway to ensure timely delivery and turnover no later than May 2014.

A major portion of the site preparation activities consists of adapting the current communities in anticipation of the future changes. These include efforts to expand further the rapidly-growing BPO offices, adding to the prestigious names in the roster of tenants, which already include Teleperformance, IBM Daksh, and OSRP / PC Mall. More retail tenants, especially those that suit the mix of 24/7 convenience shops and dining establishments, are also expected; in addition to this, Greenfield is also looking to draw more retail locators such as apparel stores, service providers, and specialty shops, which will make the area a veritable round-the-clock lifestyle center. In anticipation of this, current facilities at the Pavilion, including the Square, the Hub, the Station and the Marketplace, have been undergoing renovation and rehabilitation. 

Beautification is also a priority in the early stages of development. The initial repurposing of parking lots into parks and open spaces to be enjoyed by the community provide a sneak preview of what to expect from Greenfield District. Because of the generous site development guidelines - such as the requirement of an expansive 14-meter setback between future buildings - more space will be opened up for public use, community activities, and pedestrian circulation. These spaces are already being prepared for; refinishing and restorative works are being carried out on existing streets and lots, such as the widening and cementing of Mayflower, one of the important secondary roads within the compound. The continuous site improvements are steadily drawing a new crowd of denizens, from hip young urban professionals to the more sophisticated leisure set; all of these people are ready for a new lifestyle in this smart, connected, and ultimately livable city. As its foundation is being set for the future, Greenfield District offers the promise of good things to come.

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