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News & Updates

Twin Oaks Place: Your future-ready home at Greenfield District
December 2, 2010
Greenfield Development Corporation

Greenfield Development Corporation is raising the bar for residential condominium buildings with Twin Oaks Place, soon to rise as the country’s first future-ready home, at the similarly trend-setting Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City.

The district is Greenfield’s re-envisioning of its prime property into a mixed-use smart and connected city, one which will enable its denizens to be fully connected at all times, in their homes, offices, retail areas, and even in the common open spaces.

Greenfield Development Corporation president and chairman of the board Jeffrey Campos shares, “The 43-storey Twin Oaks Place brings together the convenience of a well-designed structure with top-of-the-line amenities and technological advances tied in with a community that is built to facilitate and enhance such development. Twin Oaks Place showcases how nature and science can work hand-in-hand for a future-ready home.”

Because of the seamless integration of Greenfield District’s plan, Twin Oaks Place is perfectly positioned to become the first true smart home, with connections to other important locations around it and the technology to allow the use of high-tech gadgets that can let the homeowners control their homes remotely with ease.

“Standing at the center of Greenfield District is a home built ahead of its time. A home you can see and control without being in it. It lets you work at the office from inside its walls; finish chores while you’re away… Fitted with state-of-the-art fiber-optic and wireless technology, it allows all digital appliances to “talk” to each other with you as master,” the company proudly banners on its website (

Expected to reinvent lifestyle and technology as we know it, the adoption of state-of-the art fiber-optic technology will completely revolutionize the lifestyle of dwellers, thus reshaping the home and turning it into an additional member of the family they can interact with.

The real backbone of the system that allows all this technology is the fiber-to-the-home setup made possible through Cisco Systems. Unlike other developments with some fiber-optic technology supplementing the more common copper cable connections, Twin Oaks Place – and other buildings in Greenfield District— will have fiber-optic connections that go directly to each and every home, replacing the more limited copper wire systems. Fiber-optic technology means more bandwidth, allowing the transfer of more data at greater speeds.

Everyday online business—viewing clips on YouTube, scrolling through friends’ pictures on Facebook, browsing multiple windows of websites and blogs, watching live action through streaming video, Skype calls, even participating in high-definition telepresence conferences—can be accomplished faster, with no lag, instantaneous refresh times, and immediate loading. Data and video downloads that would take hours or even days with conventional cables can be done in mere seconds, making possible the sci-fi-like technologies that Twin Oaks Place has to offer.

The fiber-optic lines make the available technology practical and realistic—and it has applications for everyone, as more and more gadgets and tools are being innovated every day. The system makes life more convenient, and the technology is unobtrusive, so it becomes part of your daily life; the setup means more than getting a new gadget and trying out theoretically cool applications, but means actually using the advances in your day to day life, integrated with other components of the community, so there’s no regret at being one of the early adaptors. The prestige lies not just in the structure, or the design, or the amenities—although there are those things to consider. The design after all is spearheaded by Recio+Casas Architects and renowned designer Dan Lichauco. Primarily, it lies in being part of a new community that is spearheading the reinvention of the city and the shift to a new technological paradigm for the future.

The groundbreaking activities for the unit showrooms took place last June 2010. The Twin Oaks Place construction is well underway and the showrooms are now available for viewing. Re-selling is available, with added perks, including a free IP phone to serve as the first of the residents’ fiber-optic-enabled tools; further applications and gadgets will be available for selection and purchase as the project progresses. Concurrent work on Greenfield District is now already being undertaken, and improvements to the surrounding infrastructure, commercial, and retail areas are taking place.

As Greenfield District and Twin Oaks Place take shape, access to the first smart, future-ready home becomes more and more a reality.

Twin Oaks Place is set for completion in May 2014. Visit or contact 02-53GREEN, 0917-53GREEN for more information.


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