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News & Updates

Greenfield to Unveil Market Station
Philippine Star - March 12, 2009
Greenfield Development Corporation
The Paseo Market Station echoes a modern and efficient transport hub that is meant to provide a sense kinship and provide needed facilities for a suburban community.

With the recent completion of the Paseo Market Station, the latest addition to the Paseo de Santa Rosa complex, Greenfield Development Corporation, (GDC) has taken another bold step in the implementation of its master plan for the emerging city in Southern Luzon.

In GDC’s intent to create something new and unique, it has successfully built a dynamic landmark that compliments the surrounding locate with its simple, lasting and free from design that solidifies the vision of what a good market, terminal and commercial center should be.

“The Paseo Market Station is meant to provide a sense of community, as well as provide the needed facilities of a transport hub for suburban community that has grown from a small agricultural town into a metropolis.” said Arch. Conrad Erfe, project architect of Jonathan Gan & Associates.

The market terminal includes an open-air wet and dry goods zone, a commercial center, and a transport hub for jeepneys, buses and tricycles.

The Paseo Market Station adopts a village-like atmosphere with distinctive architecture. Its design combines Mediterranean elements, which are prominently Paseo de Santa Rosa’s, with modern features that take advantage of the use of natural light and ventilation. For example, it makes use of a bi-level tiered roofing that reduces the need for mechanical ventilation. The structure also uses polycarbonate sheet roofing for the central skylight, providing natural light to the structure’s interiors.

One unique feature is the large free-standing halo located at the main entrance, which welcomes people to the market. “It is also a testament to Greenfield as a progressive developer” said Erfe.

But more than anything, the design placed great importance in providing consumers with a relaxed and easy shopping experience. The first phase is an appealing destination for its unique architecture and retail offering.

Ample parking spaces have also been provided. As for ensuring overall efficiency, the transport hubs have been separated into two sides for long haul and short haul transport-one side for jeepneys and tricycles and other side of buses. This prevents bottlenecks when going in and out the area. The transportation terminal already includes PUV servicing routes from Paseo to Tagaytay, Calamba, Laguna and Lawton. It opens early at 5 in the morning and closes at 10 pm.

The terminal are designed to accommodate commuters going to and coming from the bus and jeepney terminals in a way that encourages them to pass by the stalls, making it prime spaces.

The work surfaces of the wet market stalls are equipped with stainless steel counters for maintenance and durability. The individual stalls were also built on inclined planes leading to their respective trench drains to keep the hallways dry and clean. On the other hand, the promenade is provided with garage tiles. The walkways between market stall are also finished with floor hardener. Both floor materials mentioned are easy to maintain, highly durable, and non-slippery.

The marketplace has 132 stalls and was set for full operations by February 2009.

For more information on Paseo de Santa Rosa and other Greenfield projects, please call 53-GREEN (53-47336) or log on to www.greenfield

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