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News & Updates

Greenfield unveils new corporate image, roster of master-planned communities
PR 001 - November 24, 2009
Greenfield Development Corporation

by Betty Tianco

Long a silent force in the country’s real estate industry, Greenfield Development Corporation has now taken a step towards a bigger and brighter future with its corporate launch and the unveiling of its various master-planned community projects. Building on its strong reputation in property ownership and landbanking, the company is moving beyond its successful joint venture projects and has begun actively developing its own communities and mixed use districts. More than just creating isolated buildings and subdivisions, however, Greenfield is committed to growing self-contained, sustainable, and fully integrated cities within cities, as demonstrated by their new projects.

This shift - from being a silent partner in various joint ventures in property development to becoming an active full-scale developer of their vast landholdings - was the major highlight in its corporate launch held at the NBC Tent in Bonifacio Global City late last year. The well-attended event was graced by key industry players, including former Finance Minister Cesar Virata, as well as Greenfields’s top executives, including President and Chairman of the Board Jeffrey Joseph Campos, Vice Chairman Mariano John Tan Jr., and Directors Eric Albert Gotuaco, Apolonio Matic, Atty. Andy Sta. Maria, and Richard Dee.

A strong theme driving Greenfields’s projects is its desire to leave a legacy for future generations. As stewards of land nurtured by previous generations, the company is committed to turning these precious resources into vibrant, living communities that are shaped by sustainable master-plans developed with the best and most forward-thinking international architectural and urban planning firms. This theme - as embodied by the company’s tagline of “Let tomorrow thrive” - was constantly revisited throughout the event, with the unveiling of its new corporate logo, the presentation of the company’s corporate vision through the company AVP, and the introduction of its community projects.

The unveiling of the new corporate logo and a corresponding mechanized sculpture by prominent sculptors Gabby Barredo and Daniel de la Cruz firmly established the fresh, modern approach of the company to achieving its plans. From the stable, land-oriented logo of its early days, the new logo conveys the company’s forward movement, incorporating the various elements that make Greenfield uniquely qualified to undertake its envisioned projects. The flowing strokes that make up the body of the logo represent the three generations that have successfully nurtured the company’s precious landholdings throughout the decades, while the leaf-shaped tip completing the “G” symbolizes the company’s commitment to grow and develop vibrant communities for future generations. The colors and images used also communicate a vision of world-class sustainable development that works with nature while using the best technological advances and practices available, to leave the best legacy for future generations.

Also revealed during the launch were Greenfield’s existing and planned projects. Among these were Greenfield District, the company’s flagship project in the heart of Mandaluyong; Greenfield Regional Hub, a full-scale mixed use development meant to serve as a regional center for Southern Luzon; Greenfield City, a seamlessly merged complex of industrial, institutional, residential, and commercial areas that put the city of Santa Rosa in Laguna on the forefront of new development; Ayala Greenfield Estates, the company’s successful joint venture residential project with Ayala Land, Inc.; Greenfield Hillsborough, a thriving residential community in Southern Manila slated for further growth and development; and Greenfield Campus Communities, a planned haven for educational institutions in Biñan, Laguna.

Special focus was given to Greenfield’s flagship master-planned community project, Greenfield District, and its key residential structure, Twin Oaks Place. Greenfield District, a complete re-visioning of 10.5 hectares of land within Mandaluyong, is slated to be the country’s first smart and connected city, where nature and technology coexist to create a completely integrated mixed use community. Ahead of its time, the community was conceptualized by Greenfield Chairman Jeffrey Joseph Campos, whose well-traveled and visionary world view drove him to work towards a truly global Filipino city of the future.

The District is planned to have the infrastructure to make it a fully connected city, where denizens can access smart technology anywhere throughout the development while enjoying generous green spaces, pocket parks, and recreational areas to enhance their quality of life. It will also make use of the best new practices in urban planning for its traffic-managed road and pedestrian networks, with features like buildings interconnected through above-ground walkways and well-planned green spaces throughout the city.

The District will also be home to Twin Oaks Place, the first future-ready home with complete amenities and a state-of-the-art fiber-optics and wireless backbone that will allow residents to enjoy a host of smart building technologies and conveniences. These features run the range of possible technological developments, from remote-controlled entry and climate control, to built-in web servers and video-conferencing capabilities, a lineup of optional home amenities that can be fully customized by the residents as they see fit. A project that can truly claim to being at the heart of the Metro, the development promises to reinvent the face of the urban landscape and redefine cosmopolitan living.

In addition to these revelations, the launch, which was hosted by real estate show host Angel Jacob and popular speaker Anthony Pangilinan, also allowed guests to experience the company’s vision by surrounding them with a nature-respecting but technologically sleek Zen-inspired venue and granting them full access to the featured projects by means of models, illustrative materials, and knowledgeable property consultants ready to explain the company’s vision and corporate commitment. Well-covered by television and print media, the launch also proved to be a good venue for the introduction of the company’s new corporate hymn, which was composed by Von de Guzman and performed at the event by Jed Madela. Greenfield’s complete corporate AVP was also presented, tying together the company’s vision and planned projects, and the legacy it is preparing for future generations. Greenfield’s corporate launch reintroduced a company that promises to be a force to watch in the redevelopment of the urban landscape.

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